Hi, my name is

Gabi Udrescu.

I build eCommerce websites

As a product owner, my day to day job is to create bridges between (eCommerce) businesses and software development.

Starting 2020, I’m working on my own, collaborating with various companies either on bringing to life a new project or contributing to an existing one.

I have a strong belief that the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented. The key to a successful product is finding the right wheels for the needs you identify.

About Me

Software & eCommerce in Bucharest, Romania, part-time traveller. Bike, swim and snorkelling during the summer, ski and board games during the winter. Here are a few skills and technologies I'm leveraging in my day to day work
  • Agile software development
  • Behaviour driven development
  • User story mapping
  • Sylius
  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • No-code solutions
  • JIRA & Confluence
  • Figma
  • Docker
  • Cloudflare


eCommerce Product Owner - GoPro
Worked on the transition of GoPro.com eCommerce stack to a modern headless eCommerce stack, with a decoupled frontend built on Next.JS and a backend powered by SaaS solutions like Salesforce Commerce Cloud and ContentStack.
eCommerce Product Owner - Azrieli
Worked for the the leading Marketplace eCommerce platform in Israel on the promotion engine, product feeds and anti fraud measures.
eCommerce Product Owner - BestValue
I started this project as a product owner in 2015 (v1) and had the chance to migrate it to a new platform (v2).
eCommerce Product Owner - Obsentum
Bootstrapped a temporary eCommerce platform during the pandemic in an attempt to leverage online as a new revenue source while the malls were closed.
eCommerce Product Owner - Elefant
My first full time job as an eCommerce product owner. I was responsible of the first API of elefant.ro powering a native mobile app, the estimated time of delivery implementation and marketplace feeds for vendors.
Advertiser & Affiliate Relation Responsible - 2Performant
I was the go-to person for the advertisers of this affiliate marketing platform, managing their on boarding process. Also provided support for affiliates. In my spare time, I automated the workflows to reduce my day to day workload, with Google Spreadsheets and scripting language.
Jack of all trades - Groupon
I was among the first employees of Groupon in Romania, handling social media, website and ads translation in Romanian, the implementation of local payment methods, NetSuite ERP, new hires technical training and supporting Finance and Accounting.

Project highlights

Figma JIRA & Confluence NextJS Salesforce
Multi language Enterprise eCommerce with decoupled frontend and headless CMS
Sylius Akeneo Mirakl Angular
Israel leading enterprise Marketplace eCommerce powered by Sylius, Akeneo and Mirakl
BestValue V2
Data migration GA4 Google Cloud
BestValue V2
Migrate from Sylius 0.19 to Sylius 1.10
eCommerce platform based on Sylius
Sylius K8s React
eCommerce platform based on Sylius
Build a common eCommerce platform for bestvalue.eu and another website. The 2nd website powered by this platform is not yet online.
Stress test eCommerce platform based on Sylius
Sylius Locust Load testing
Stress test eCommerce platform based on Sylius
Freelance project aimed to test if Sylius can handle a huge load of orders; ended up having 300 orders / second in a Google Cloud setup.
Bootstrapped Obsentum.com as a temporary Sylius based eCommerce
Sylius Locust Load testing
Bootstrapped Obsentum.com as a temporary Sylius based eCommerce
Launched a fully functional eCommerce website based on Sylius in 3 days during the pandemic, to keep up the revenue flow even if the malls were closed.
Bootstrapped Monofony app for HR requests approval workflow
Monofony RAD Workflow automation
Bootstrapped Monofony app for HR requests approval workflow
During the pandemic, the HR department needed to manually approve who can go to the office; I've automated this approval workflow with a custom Monofony app in a few days to avoid the hussle of manual work.

Get in touch

Best way to reach out is via email. But, you can try also my phone.