[EN] Monofony

Table of Contents The itch What is Monofony? Concepts Resource Grid Customisations Testing Unit testing: Integration testing End 2 End Testing Code quality Monofony is not perfect Final words Author note: once I saw the original article shared on Sylius Slack, I wanted to use this whenever someone asked me what is Monofony, why use it, how can I use Sylius (concepts) in my own application; although initially I planned to just translate it to English, I decided to rewrite it a little bit and adapt it to my needs.

My (software) toolkit

As product owners, we rarely have the chance of starting a new project. Most of the time, we have to handle existing projects and we need to adapt our expectations and internal processes in order to build or improve something. At least that’s how it is in my business area. That’s why whenever I have the chance to get on board of a greenfield project, I get over-excited and try to implement as many good practices I can, so at a later point, I can benefit from those early efforts.